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The Kuskovo Estate

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The Kuskovo Estate is located to the east of Moscow. It is the former residence of the Sheremetev family. This 18th-century estate comprises a wooden palace with the original interior layout and décor; a French formal park with ponds, sculptures and a GrottoGreenhouse pavilions; Italian and Dutch houses; the Church of the All-Merciful Saviour; and the Museum of Ceramics. Renowned architects and painters (Blank, Lagrenée, Kologrivov) and serf architects of the Sheremetevs (Argunov, Mironov, Dikushin) contributed to the creation of the Kuskovo Estate.

Distantly related to the House of Romanovthe second dynasty to rule Russia, after the House of Rurik, reigning from 1613 until the February Revolution of 1917, the Sheremetevs were one of Russia’s noblest families. There even used to be an expression, ‘as rich as a Sheremetev’. The Sheremetevs owned the Kuskovo Estate for over three hundred years, from the 16th century until the Socialist Revolution of 1917.

  • An 18th-century architectural site and the former property of the Sheremetevs, comprising a wooden palace and a park with ponds, sculptures and pavilions.
  • Up to 30,000 guests used to come to this country estate intended specifically for gala receptions.
  • The Museum of Ceramics provides an insight into the evolution of esthetical ideals and hosts a collection of porcelain produced by Russian porcelain manufacturers.
  • Numerous pavilions have survived to this day in Moscow’s only French regular park featuring marble sculptures, ponds, channels and bridges.
  • Menageries, an American orchard, an aviary and many pavilions have been restored in Kuskovo.
  • Many history films, comedies and serials, such as Hello, I’m Your Aunt!, Shyrli-Myrli and Vivat, Gardes-Marines!, were filmed here.



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