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Show museum: Secrets of Petersburg

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There are many excursions in St. Petersburg, as the city on the Neva is rich in various museums and palaces. But there is a very interesting place in the city on the Neva, like the show-museum of the «Secrets of Petersburg», where you will plunge into the historical and literary secrets connected with our city. «Secrets of Petersburg» is a historical and literary show museum, about secrets, myths and history of St. Petersburg.

This is a unique labyrinth of 10 rooms, each of which is a whole world of sound, images, mechanics, multimedia effects and impeccable actors. In it myths become similar to reality, and literary heroes of Pushkin, Gogol and Dostoevsky easily meet with real emperors. You will be told about palace revolutions and floods, about desperate poor people and about all-powerful tsarist favorites, about gambling houses and houses of the insane — and about many other things that the eye can not see behind the solemn and strict decor of the capital Petersburg.

The leading actors of the St. Petersburg theaters in the company with the spectator and mechanical dolls among the «historical» interiors, scenery and holographic projections create a sense of travel along the time and history of the unique city on the Neva.

10 legends that glorified Petersburg!

  • Pavel 1: death and death
  • Raskolnikov
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Death and death of Rasputin
  • Princess Tarakanova
  • Gogol’s nose is Major Kovalev
  • Gogol the Nose
  • The Queen of Spades
  • etc.


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