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Murmansk: Hunting the Northern lights

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The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are glowing bands, circles and streams of colored lights that sometimes appear in the northern latitudes. The Northern Lights are caused by activity on the sun. Strong magnetic activity is continually taking place on the surface of the sun, and electrons and ions are constantly being thrown out into space. This ‘plasma’, called the solar wind, is ejected in all directions. It is only when a strong solar wind blows in our direction that Northern Lights occur.



  • Arrive in Murmansk
  • Transfer to the hotel.


  • 08:00 Breakfast in the hotel
  • 10:00 Meeting with the guide at the hotel, start of the bus city tour: The Kola Bridge, Abram
    Cape, Memorial complex to the Defenders of the Soviet Arctic, The embankment at the
    Maritime Station and the nuclear-powered icebreaker «Lenin»
  • Lunch in the restaurant
  • Continue the sightseeing tour: The memorial complex «To Seamen Who Perished in
    Peacetime», Square «5 corners», Memorial dedicated to the courage and perseverance of the
    inhabitants of the city during World War II on the shore of the picturesque Semenovsky
  • Dinner in the hotel restaurant. Rest.
  • Departure for the hunt for the northern lights with a professional attendant. Includes tea with
    pies and a professional photographer with whom you have 100% super photos on the
    background of the northern lights.


  • 08:00 Breakfast in the hotel
  •  Departure for one of the tours:
    1. “National Village” (travel time 2 — 2.5 hours): Arrive at the village, familiarity with
    the culture and lifestyle of the Saami people, the rite of sacrifice according to the old
    rite (have coins in advance). Lunch (fish soup, rice with fish, pancakes with herbal
    tea). Games: throwing nyrtala (lasso), Saami fell. Meet the reindeer, feeding,
    photographing. Riding reindeer sledding on a banana for a snowmobile. Playing and
    taking pictures with Husky dogs. Photos in national clothes.
    2.  “Colors of Murmansk” (travel time — 30 — 40 min): Cross-country or downhill skiing,
    snowboarding (equipment rental, use of the lift, instructions), Riding on a banana (1
    lap), winter sledding (3 descents). Lunch. Bungee (1 descent). Pneumatic shooting (5
    bullets), crossbows / bows (5 shots) Riding and feeding dogs husky. Ice fishing.
    3. “Ice fishing in the countryside” (travel time 2 — 2.5 hours): Transfer by bus to the
    point X, then we change to snowmobiles and drive to the fishing spot. Further, an
    experienced guide will tell how to organize fishing. Objects of fishing: burbot, smelt,
    whitefish, pike, perch. Lunch — barbecue on the grill or an ear of self-caught fish.
    Included: equipment: tackle, equipment, bait, depth sounder, motor-drill, tent.
  • Return to Murmansk. Dinner in the restaurant, rest.

 DAY 4

  • Breakfast
  • Departure


1. Visa support
2. Private transportation along the whole route (microbus or bus with airconditioning) for transfers and during the day
3. Airplane tickets of economy class with meals on board: Saint-Petersburg-Murmansk-Saint-Petersburg
4. Accommodation in a 4* hotel
5. Meals: FB, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
6. Tickets to the museums of the program: program in Murmansk.
7. Licensed guide for excursions and interpreter for the route
8. A trip to the northern lights accompanied by a professional guide, a photographer,
tea with pies.
9. Tourist equipment: receivers and headphones


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