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Moscow Underground

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The Moscow Metro is considered to be one of the most beautiful transit systems in the world. Architecturally, it is a true underground museum which can be accessed for the price of one ride. Each of its 222 stations is unique, with many of those built in the Soviet era being recognised as masterpieces of architecture. You will find elements of the Empire style, Art Deco, gothic architecture and, naturally, Russian national motifs. The Moscow Metro is an integral part of any guided tour of Moscow intended for those interested in architecture and history.

The Moscow Metro is areal underground museum of changing architectural styles, ideologies and historical events.
Each of its222 stations boasts a unique design and many are stunning architectural masterpieces.
The interior décor is representative of different styles such as Art Deco, the Empire style, gothic as well as Russian folk patterns.
The design of the newly opened Rumyantsevo Metro Station is inspired by the work of the Dutch abstract artist Piet Mondrian.
All Moscow tours have the Moscow Metro on their must-see list.


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